Arraymo conducts R&D of operating system, chip, algorithm, application and cloud, and deeply integrates technologies on intelligent connected car such as infotainment system, full LCD instrument, AR-HUD, computer vision, advanced human-machine interaction, etc., to create a new generation smart cockpit domain software platform FusionEX6.0.

Stable Full-Stack System

  • Support the latest Andriod S
  • Deepen the Android operating system, strengthen 37 modules to ensure system security and stability, and add 49 sub-modules for automotive-related business applications
  • Deep integration and optimization based on QNX Hypervisor

Smart Cockpit Core

  • Support mainstream automotive grade chip such as Qualcomm, Renesas, and SemiDrive. At present, Qualcomm 8155/6155 has achieved mass production, and Qualcomm 8295 and SemiDrive X9 has completed adaptation
  • 2000 core software patches carry out in-depth transformation of the Android operating system, from function to security reinforcement

In-vehicle Connected Engine

  • Provide full-stack in-vehicle interconnection kit AMPlay
  • Support Carplay
  • Support Android Auto
  • Support Hicar

HMI Enhanced Engine

  • Provide a fully optimized graphics system, and provide multi-screen linkage 3D interactive cockpit scenes based on the Unity & Uneal game engine
  • Continuously optimize the GPU and display Qualcomm 8295, deeply optimize the display engine, and bring users an immersive new experience of autonomous driving

Intelligent Audio Engine

Provide the latest voice algorithm engine AMSound Engine, combined with DSP optimization, can provide multi-voice scene multi-zone intelligent voice solutions; meet the voice needs of more application scenarios such as in-vehicle games and smart conferences.

AI Vision Engine

Provide artificial intelligence middleware AMLightning, make full use of the AI NPU computing unit of Qualcomm 8295 to accelerate the software algorithm, and meet the scene requirements of the next-generation in-cabin, out-of-cabin and mooring manufacturers for visual algorithms.