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Smart Cockpit Domain Software Platform FusionEX6.0

Arraymo conducts R&D of operating system, chip, algorithm, application and cloud, and deeply integrates technologies on intelligent connected car such as smart cockpit, cluster, AR-HUD, computer vision, HMI, etc., to create a new generation smart cockpit domain software platform FusionEX6.0. Based on safety requirements, FusionEX6.0 understands the needs of users, provides direct functional services, and provides a highly optimized user experience in the smart cockpit.

The FusionEX6.0 software platform has been adapted to many automobile-grade chips such as Qualcomm, Renesas, and SemiDrive and supports multiple operating systems such as QNX, Android, and Linux. It is deeply optimized based on the QNX Hypervisor.

  • Stable Full-Stack System

  • HMI Enhanced Engine

  • Intelligent Audio Engine

  • AI Vision Engine

  • In-vehicle Connected Engine

  • Intelligent Multimode Perception System

Central Control Domain Software Platform FusionWise3.0

Central Control Domain Software Platform FusionWise3.0 provides mass-produced full-featured system software technical capabilities and solutions, covering basic communication, service management, data management, and supporting tool chains. Meanwhile, it can sustain the automotive software platform under the next-generation domain controller architecture develop.

  • Enhanced AUTOSAR

  • Single Domain Solution

  • Cross Domain Solution

  • Efficient Tool Chain

Autonomous Driving Domain Software Platform FusionDrive2.0

Based on the FusionWise software platform, FusionDrive2.0 integrates FusionWise basic and cross-domain suite, thereby providing a dedicated autonomous driving domain software platform that meets the requirements of positioning, perception, planning and control in the autonomous driving domain.

Autonomous Driving Algorithm

Automotive Vision Lab

Communication Scheduling Component

Autonomous Driving Middleware(AD)

Toolchain FusionStudio

FusionStudio, a tool chain set independently developed by Arraymo,meets the requirements of automotive software engineering, and satisfies core functions such as configuration, development, deployment, testing, simulation, and debugging.

Chip Technical Support

ArcherMind Technology, the parent company of Arraymo, has reached a strategic cooperation with the world's mainstream chip companies.

  • Qualcomm's QDP partner in the field of automotive electronics in China

  • NVIDIA's authorized software service provider in China, jointly built an automotive vision laboratory with NVIDIA

  • NXP Golden Partner

  • Renesas CE partner in the field of automotive electronics in China

  • SemiDrive ecological partner

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